First Blog about V-day

A Guideline to A great Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a day for couples right? Well, I say screw that.

Why should all the couples have all the fun? Valentine’s Day has been such a stereotypical holiday for so long. Who says you have to be in love to actually take in all the excitement about this day.

This is a day to express your love to all loved ones not just one. This is the day to call your grandparents and actually ask how their doing instead of a two minute phone call that your mother made you do, and gave you the usual, “Your grandparents are going to die soon!”

This is a day to tell your mom that you love her even when she happens to irritate every hair on your body sometimes. This is the day to help your dad with that project he’s been asking you for help since you could remember and not have an attitude about it.

Today is the day to laugh and reminisce with your best friends and just live in that moment and know that you love these people and that they love you.

But most importantly this is the day to truly love yourself. To appreciate all the good that you do. To appreciate the moments you fucked up, but then learned from it. This is a holiday about you. Do what makes you happy. It’s a day to express your love to not only your loved ones but a day to love yourself.

Love as hard as you can, because when you’re young love is really all we have. It’s the way we look at someone and our eyes just stayed glued in that moment like it was movie and the credits would never come. It’s the way we laugh so hard, and think nothing can bring you down at the moment.

People think this holiday is about having a significant other. And that’s why people that aren’t in a relationship get so sour about this holiday. But you got it all wrong, this is about you, this is about loving yourself more than desperately trying to find someone else to fit in just so you have a date for Valentine’s Day.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself this year, get out and do something. Yeah so what it’s Valentine’s Day it’s also February 14, of 2015. It’s just another day to enjoy your life and not pity it.

Instead of sitting at home eating boxes of chocolate and watching re runs of I love Lucy and thinking about all your ex’s you could possibly call because you’re getting desperate, think about the lovely day ahead of you your about to enjoy. Here is my guideline of how to truly celebrate YOUR holiday.

  1. Wake up and get your shit together! No time to sit there and pity yourself. This is going to be a great day where you are going to have the best day of your life. First things first dress the part. It’s time to put on that outfit you been saving for a while because you never really knew where to wear it. Yeah, grab that outfit because it’s time to knock someone right off their feet. And not because you need the attention but because you want to look good for yourself. Because looking good always makes someone feel great.
  2. Watch that movie that you just love. Everyone has their favorite movie they love watching certain times of the year because it just makes us happy. Whether it’s I love Lucy re-runs, Friday Night Lights, or the Wizard of Oz. Watch that movie that you know always puts you in a great mood. You don’t need someone to cuddle next to you to enjoy a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day. Instead of thinking of that date you could be on, enjoy the damn movie and the time you have alone. Because before long “alone time,” won’t exist anymore. So take advantage of the time you have to relax and don’t take it for granted.
  3. Family is forever. Spend the day with your parents that you never really see anymore because you’re so busy with school, and so busy slaving at your day job. Take your parents out to lunch because you know deep down it would make them so happy to spend just a couple hours with you. I mean it’s the least you could do, they did deal with your terrible twos and you horrible teenage years where either you were a total bitch or a tool that couldn’t control your anger. Treat your parents because let’s be real how many redundant Valentine’s Days can they really celebrate together, after 20 years they much rather spend it with you. Like I said this is holiday is about love so express it when you can, because one day you might be able to tell your parents you love them but they might not be there to say it back.
  4. Get your group of friends together. Get ready because you’re going out. You and the gang are going out for a night on the town. The best gift on a holiday is to enjoy it with the people that you love the most. Go to the nearest pub and really just enjoy your time. Because this is the time to do it. Because when you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead. So grab your beers and get ready for a toast you will never remember with a group of friends that are there to celebrate with you. Here’s to (name) he’s true blue he’s a piss pot threw and threw he’s an asshole so they say he tried to go to heaven but he went the other way so chug, chug, chug. Bottoms up!5.     Collect Moments not things. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself this year you had a great day. You got to see the good in spending Valentine’s Day with things and people that make you happy instead of only looking at the negative. Instead you made great memories with great people and not crying and eating tubs of ice cream, you lived your life. Because this year you realized that the idea of Valentine ’s Day was just a stereotype and you weren’t going to let that stereotype ruin your holiday this year. Instead you loved each and every moment you came across. You laughed with your friends and you cried when your dad for the 21st year in a row he got you red roses and you have to act surprised again. Instead of staying home you went out with your friends and you lived in every moment. You didn’t waste another day this year you added another great memory to the list. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory, by the one and only Dr.suess.Happy Valentine’s Day


  1. Fantastic blog! It was a great read, and I normally don’t read the whole thing! Excited to see what else you’ve got!


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