One night stands while in college

Sex. We don’t always like to talk about it, but we sure love doing it. It can be passionate, fun, hot, and downright sexy. We all love sex; it’s human nature to.

It’s the booty calls at one in the morning that leave us anxious and wondering if we should respond with that winky face emoji. It’s the dirty little text messages we get when we’re least expecting. It’s the one night stands that usually leave us with regret, but also a sense of accomplishment. And yes, it’s also about being in love because isn’t that when you have the best sex of your life? I think so. Those three little words can leave us with so many emotions.

Our parents and our social environments tell us that it’s not acceptable to talk about sex or, god forbid, flaunt it. But let me tell you, times are changing. Let your freak flag fly. We shouldn’t be uncomfortable with our sexuality. It doesn’t make you a whore to want to satisfy your needs. Because let’s face it we all have needs.

Sex isn’t a bad thing. People who have sex are proven to be happier.  When you’re young it’s just an exciting feeling to roll around the bed with someone that isn’t half bad to look at.

College is the part of our lives where we’re simply supposed to live! Take in all those crazy moments – they could be our last chance. These are the years where we are allowed to make mistakes, get in trouble, and fall in love as many times as we will get our hearts broken.

They’re also the years you will come across those times at Night Owl when maybe you had a few too many shots and the guy or girl that’s eyeing you up at the end of the bar goes from a 6 to a 10. And though we all say we’re “not like that” or we “would never do it,” we know what happens next. You make great conversation about shit you won’t remember the next day and an hour later you’re all over each other like a bunch of animals.

It’s not something we want to admit, but sometimes we have urges and finding someone to help us out becomes top priority. Good thing we go to a big school with thousands of lucky suitors to fit the bill, right? These kinds of nights happen to the best of us, and they end up being the best stories down the road, but they come with their fair share of scrutiny and judgement.

For example, when girls go in for the random hook up, they risk being called a whore while guys get praise for their “conquer.” And the worst part is, that girls in particular, attack other girls when it comes to this. It’s a double standard that needs to become a thing of the past. So ladies, if anyone tells you that, you can tell them to shut up because it’s mostly likely that they’ve done it too.

One night stands are thrilling and something inside of us loves that feeling. The feeling of just letting go and giving into one of life’s many pleasures.

Years from now you will remember that one night with so and so and you will remember how you felt. The way you wanted to say no, but saying yes was so much easier. The way you were kissed like it was the last kiss you would ever have. And the feeling of going against society’s rule of what exactly is “right.” You’ll remember that badass feeling.

I can tell you from experience though, that the only thing that really does suck is the walk of shame – trudging across campus at eight in the morning, shoes in hand and your hair looking like the raccoons got to it, while kids heading to class smirk knowingly. Not so sexy.

But think about it this way: one night stands are more like auditions – you either get a call back or you don’t. One night stands are just guilty pleasures that we should give into every once in a while. You never know, that cute guy or girl at the end of the bar staring at you could be the love of your life or just a great story 20 years down the line. Here’s to living your life, bottoms up.

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