dear, no one (poem) 

You don’t know me yet but you will. I sit in the same in the same dirty, rundown classroom as you, yet just in different schools. I stare at the blackboard wondering if your staring at it too. The teacher mutters on about equations and calculations that we will never use but still I don’t listen because I think of you and wonder if your thinking about me too. The clock ticks slower and slower and at every minute louder and louder, like the sound of my heart beating for you. I wonder what you’re like and if you wonder the same things too. I sit and day dream of the time I will be spending with you. I know when the bell rings, my time daydreaming will end, but the thought of you will remain. Because there you are somewhere in the world sitting at your desk. You don’t know it yet but one day we will meet and all the days spent wondering would have led to this, the day where I meet you. It might be days, months, or even years, but I will wait for you. Because even though I have no idea who you are the thought of knowing one day we will cross paths settles my uneasy stomach. I will go out on dates and see other guys but no one will compare to you. You are everything I need and more. I long to go to bed and wake up with you by my side with your morning kisses. Because I know one day you will fall in love with me like I will with you. We don’t know each other yet but one day we will.

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