So, here’s the thing I just figured out 2.5 seconds ago you can’t change how people feel, people are going to feel however they want about something and there is nothing you can do about it. And I wouldn’t waste your time and energy on it either. Human beings are stubborn ignorant people but those are the qualities that make us somewhat human. The reason I’m going on the tangent is because I’ve been thinking a lot about friends lately and the way you know if someone is a true genuine friend or not. And too be honest how can you really tell? Some of you might think you can tell if they do something to hurt you but were human beings we weren’t programmed to make the best decisions and be perfect. Others might say we just stopped talking and that makes them a bad friend. I can tell you that one isn’t true because no matter what if you needed something I bet if you called your old friend they would be there for you in a heartbeat. So, this begs the question, are there such things as true friends? And this is my answer to myself. I have had and still have many friends through my 21 years of living. Some come and go but the good ones stick around. Yeah, maybe one of them kissed my boyfriend when we were 16 but shit what did we know when we were 16. Yeah friends fuck up sometimes. We don’t have self control all the time we do shitty things to the people we love because we suck sometimes. But its been almost 10 years since I’ve known that girl who kissed my boyfriend and she really is a friend that has stayed around through out the years. And I know if she could go back she wouldn’t of touched that idiot. We’re still little adults trying to figure out the world. We don’t know what’s best for us so don’t think I know what is best for the next person. But I do know I have had the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people in my life and some that have come across me I will remember forever. Some aren’t meant to be in your life for years but instead they are meant for other things like being there when your down and need someone to put a smile on your face. Someone to go out to lunch with you all the time without hesitation. Someone to help you move with their huge truck that I think to this day is just really way to big. So, this is the conclusion I came too there’s some people brought into your life for certain reasons so when something shitty happens don’t think the worst and think their a shitty friend it’s more of a life lesson. And of course there are those people that you will never get along with some people just don’t mesh and that’s fine, the world wasn’t made for everyone to get along. The value of friendship is something very important. Next to family their the closet thing you have. So cherish your friendships and lift one another up and don’t let the little fucks up get in the way of your friendship. Like they say shit happens, but pick yourself up and get the hell over it.

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