Chapter 15 #sorrynotsorry

                One night charmer

   You know when you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and you are just not yourself ? Well that was me, all day just in the worst mood. I didn’t know why I was so upset or frustrated and I couldn’t shake it. Maybe it was the thought of my enevitable doom of being forever stuck with assholes or the thought that I might not meet someone at all and be that crazy cat lady, who has more cats then personal relationships. Oh god I can litterally picture that. Ali snap out of it, you are not going to be forever alone and you are not going to have 67 cats maybe like 5 but that’s it. So, I decided a girls night was needed and many Malibu baybrezzes to get out of this funk. I called my best girlfriend who was always down for a good night out. We ended up at my favorite place on earth, renegades. That was sarcasm, I hate that place with a burning passion inside my soul. But ladies drank free until one AM and that kind of made it a little bit better. 

     We drank, we laughed, we made fun of the hoodlums and the prostitutes who came out to play that night. We talked about the zombie apocolypse and how I would totally survive. We saw some familiar faces and chatted with them for awhile and it was only midnight and I was about ready to get the F out of this country bar. I still could not shake whatever this was and I just wanted to go home because this feeling was obviously not going away any time soon. I turned around to leave and what happened next was something that really changed my night around. I bumped into this guy and immediately apologized without even really looking at him. And then he cracked some joke and I looked up and he was so hot that I nearly collapsed on the ground. Be cool Ali, don’t say anything weird, stay calm, cool and collected. We actually ended up talking and he told me he was here on vacation for his bestfriends bachelor party. And he was the best man. He was handsome , he was 27, had a real job, a country accent, and the best part he kept calling me darling. This MAN was a man and not like the little boys I was use too. There was something different about him. I guess being an adult appeals to me. He bought me a drink and we just really talked about like really good stuff. I know more about him then some of the assholes I spent my time with. I was lost in his baby blue  eyes. We just kept talking so close to each other , I really felt like this is the kind of guy I would marry one day. He was just so perfect. And that’s when he asked me to dance. 

     I never dance to county music but he practically pulled me against my will onto the dance floor. It was a slower song, and I didn’t know what was about to happen but then I just decided to let go and not be so uptight and trying to think of each step before I take it. I let go and and when I did it was magical. He spun me around and pulled me close to him, he knew what he was doing, so well actually that we had a crowd of girls just watching us. I could see there judging eyes and he said, “don’t look at them, they’re just jealous of us.” And then he pulled me close to him looked at me, smiled and then I swear to god he dipped me. Like full on in the middle of the dance floor. This was the most magical moment ever. He brought me back up and he kissed me. I was lost in my own fairytale. What just happened, someone please press the rewind button because  I think I’m falling Inlove  with this absolute stranger that I have known for an hour and 30 mins. He then grabbed my hand and we walked off the dance floor. I’m pretty sure we just showed every couple at renegades up. This moment for me was pure gold. 

     Why did he have to be leaving in two days and why the hell did he not live here. He was the man I had always dreamed of, and yet he would be gone before I could even get the chance to get to know him more. We talked more and he put his arm around me and really listened to everything I had to say and seem interested. Yes, I’m sure half of his nice guy act was because he wanted to sleep with me but he was so much more then just acting. And if the timing was better I probably would have slept with him, because he actually put in effort and made me smile and wasn’t saying stupid pick up lines or making me feel uncomfortable, he was a grade A gentlemen. And those are the kind of guys I should be spending my time with. He kept holding me close to him, and looking so deep into my eyes, and telling me how beautiful I was. I have never in my life been that easily swayed, I like to think I’m a hardass and usually when guys hit on me, I usually say “go away.” So, for this guy to actually get my full attention, I applaud you. It’s hard to do. We exchanged numbers, and he said I hope I can see you again before I leave and I really hoped that too because he had me at hello and no ones had me at hello since well, my first love will and that was more then 7 years ago. 

     It was now three AM and it was my time to exit. He grabbed me and kissed me and I walked away. In that moment any kind of bad feeling I had before was completely gone. This country charmer made me forget about all my worries and for that I am grateful to him. I was purely and genuinely happy and he reminded me to still believe in love. He reminded me that there is no reason to be unhappy, he got me out of my funk and ever since that night I can honestly tell you I do believe in true love again. It’s out there, we just got to wait and let it find us. If you’re wondering if we ever hung out again before he left, we didn’t. It just didn’t work out , I had to work of course and didn’t have the time time to drive to where he was to spend time with him. But that’s okay because he gave me one helluva good night. I guess I can say I do have a soft side for country boys now. 



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