One awko taco 

                One awko taco

My thoughts for today are what the fuck? Like seriously my love life at this moment In time is an absolute joke. Like full on Kevin hart funny joke. This weekend was full of some awkward shit. The most awkward shit that would really only happen to me. It’s like the universe knows I have a dating blog and it’s sending me every fucked up situation so other people get a good laugh out of it. I mean honestly at this point I laugh too. So, remember hot, lumberjack Damon, well we had been hanging out recently and being all cozy and couple like. And then he decided he wanted to tell me how much Inlove with my bestfriend he was. Not only did he go in full detail, he then told me not be selfish and let it happen between them. To where then I litterally laughed out loud because the stupidity of this conversation had me ready to throw my phone out the car window. Because really who else does this shit happen too. He decided it was appropriate to tell me all this information as if it was suppose to make him feel better. Listen idiot, you are an idiot. I could no longer text back because my brain cells were shrinking because this conversation was absolutely insane. So, I did what any rational girl would do, I blocked his number. Thank you 21st century. 

      Okay onto the next super awkward moment of the weekend. It was my friends birthday and I was told before hand my ex drew would be there with his new girl. So again like any rational girl, I got a super hot outfit that made my butt look like Kim kardashians.  I honestly didn’t know how big my butt was until I put that dress on and shit it’s pretty big. So I was ready for this night. I looked great I had a great attitude about it I was going to knock them dead. Because if you remember Drew was my knight in shining armour, my bestfriend. I hadn’t spoke to to him in a couple months because he said being friends was too hard for him. And I can understand that, I did break his heart by ending things. But was I suppose to stay with someone I didn’t have the same feelings for anymore? No I wasn’t. As I approached the door, I was ready to do this thing, how bad could it be? 

      Well, at least I looked hot. Because drew ignored the shit out of me. Because I guess being an immature brat is how he wants to roll. I can’t blame him I guess. I hurt him and maybe this was just how he can react towards me. I even went up to him and asked if we could talk and he said, “I don’t want to talk to you.” I walked away pissed off with a million curse words running through my head. Would I  be the old Ali and turn back around be rachet and make him talk or would I walk away like a classy gal thinking of all the mean things I would like to do to him. I did the second because I did not feel like making a scene today. You are lucky mr. Drew very lucky. I decided what better way to forget about my enevitable doom of my love life and drink more. So I drank more I even sang a little bit because there was a microphone and why the fuck not. Drew ended up leaving with his new girl because I guess he couldn’t take my big ole butt. (Confidence is key) and my night was actually fun I hung out with my friends and celebrated my friends birthday with beer pong, laughter, and keg stands. 

    But all good things have to be ruined right? I decided tonight was the perfect night to tell an old friend how I felt about them. Romantically. I’m telling you I’m on a roll with the good ideas. Everyone was egging me on to tell him. Because apparently all my guy friends knew, I didn’t know it was that obvious.  How am I suppose to tell this guy how I feel after years of holding it in. I don’t want to ruin our friendship but I also feel like if I don’t get this information out even if he didn’t feel the same way I will explode. And that would be a messy clean up for my mother. So, since I didn’t have the balls to do it in person I decided to text him on my way home at 330 in the morning. Of course he didn’t text back. I had to somehow fix this before he read it. Maybe I could blame it on being hammered. Yeah that sounds good. So , I then texted him telling him I was drunk and to forget what I had said. Omg awko taco what had I done. I mean my life motto is we’re young who cares. But seriously I opened a can of worms, by telling him how I felt. I need a vacation. Asap. 



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