Halloween special 

    Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It’s where I can litterally not age for one whole night, and let the kid inside of me go wild. I figured out after all these years Halloween is not for children, it’s for the adults. It’s for us. It’s the one night where we can be absolute idiots and no one questions our behavior because it’s okay to be a princess again or a superhero. It’s okay to gorge ourselves with mounds of chocolate and not care about the calories because this is the one night where we can truly be kids again and what kid worries about their weight? The only difference is the added feature of alcohol. 

     This is the one night where anything is possible. You can be a vampire, a bunny, an iPhone anything you want. You can have a new personality, new accent, new features, this is about being young. So, if you have to say you are too old for Halloween then you’re missing out on the point of life. Why does everyone want to hurry up and grow up. I say lets have fun while we can. Let’s dress up as whatever we want, drink as much as we want and do what makes us happy this Halloween. And with that I have come up with the ultimate Halloween to do list and this will sure make your Halloween is one night to remember. 

1. Take a picture with Zachary binx. (If you watched hocus pocus you’ll know who that is)

2. Get bit by a vampire 😏

3. Howl at the moon with a werewolf. 

4. Find a superhero and make him say one of his catchphrases. 

5. Find Thor, and hold his hammer. (Didn’t mean for that to sound dirty)

6. Find Peter pans shadow. 

7. Get handcuffed by a cop.

8. Take a shot of fireball with a firefighter

9. Take the ultimate Halloween selfie.

10. Chug a beer with a fraternity brother. 

11. Find Prince Charming or if your a guy find your Cinderella and if your balsy enough, kiss him/her. 

12. Last but not least 

Enjoy your time with the people who mean the most to you because these are the memories you remember for the rest of your life. So, be a kid and be everything a kid is this Halloween. That means be balsy, happy, have no filter and most importantly have an imagination. 

Happy Halloween you Devils 💀

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