New Years lessons learned. 



    As I look back through 2015 they’re  a lot of things I wish I didn’t do number one of them being starting off 2015 with my ex sociopathic boyfriend whom I decided against all signs pointing to no I would give another chance. But then there’s a lot of things that are a fond memory like July 4th at my friends lake house and my 22nd birthday just to name a few. There was heartbreak, total epic meltdowns but there was also happiness. I gained friends and lost some. I passed all my classes and now one step closer to graduating. So many things happened and so many lessons learned. So here is my 2015 biggest moments, the good and the bad. 

1. Well, I already told you I started off last year with my serial cheater of an ex boyfriend, because I guess somewhere down deep inside of me I still thought he could change. Well he didn’t, he ended up having a girlfriend the whole entire time. Shocker. 

2. ^^ that turned into months later a total epic meltdown or should I say nervous break down, to where I moved home for a couple months because the sadness was unbearable. 

3. I moved back into my apartment a couple months later and lived out the last few months with my roommates, taking in all the freedom before we all moved home in the summer. 

4. I got back in contact with my nice Ex boyfriend who I still love dearly. And we tried to work things out one more time. But ever since the other ex I turned into a cold hearted bitch, so it’s safe to say that relationship didn’t work out either. 

5.  I met a few guys through this year and all of them were tools. Like every single one of them. So no growth there. 

6. My 22nd birthday was the bomb. I looked like a hot little prostitute and I loved every beautiful second of it. #sorrynotsorry 

7. Then there was this one time my bestfriend decided it was appropriate to hook up with a boy I was talking to. That was really fun.  We’re not friends anymore. 

8. One of my high school bestfriends moved back from Michigan and now works out my job. Weird how things happen. 

9. The friendships that I do have are so important to me and I cherish every single one of you and you know who you are. The ones lost well everything happens for a reason and I’m okay with that. 

10. Then I decided I would go on a cruise with my bestfriend and the most random group of people you could possible put together and you know what, now we’re a family and have cruise crew game night and get togethers. Being spontaneous isn’t all that bad. 

11. This year my mom found out she had cancer, my grandpa died, and other family members and friends. I wish everyone happy, healthy homes, hearts, and souls for 2016. 

If I had a couple lessons I learned this year, it would be; 

1. Don’t take your family for granted and be kind even when your mom calls your name every 5 seconds and you want to change your name To Jorge and teleport to Mexico. 

2. Everything is temporary. This job, this house, school. Everything.

3. Fuckboys are still going to be fuckboys in 2016. 

4. Just because one relationship didn’t work out, it does not mean you are doomed for the rest of your life. 

5. Be open to change, love everything in the fullest and don’t settle for less then what you deserve. 

P.S. Make sure to kiss someone tonight. It does ensure good luck for the whole next year. Kiss a friend, kiss your significant other , kiss someone. You never know what could happen on this New Year’s Eve. 

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