21st century dating is bullshit 

Warning: no boys were hurt in the making of this blog. 

You all wanted some more and here I am live from my bedroom. And today what I’m NOT going to be talking about is a dating story of mine. I know so unlike me, but seriously telling you all about my dating life is getting a little exhausting. So instead this blog goes on out to all the girls that are in the dating world at the moment that have no fucking idea what they’re doing and honestly do we ever? 

Holy puke vomit, I hate dating don’t you? 

     Dating in the 21st century is like a big game of chess trying to see who has the better strategy to mind fuck you. And my question is why are we playing these games? It should be easy, and chess is not easy. Boy like girl, girl like boy. Don’t make it complicated people! Be straight up with the person you like. If you’re not looking for a relationship tell them so they have a chance to get out before they get invested into someone who only wants to hook up. Put you’re intentions out right in the beginning so we know what the deal is. Don’t make us crazy trying to figure out you’re every last move because it’s stupid. If I like you, you will know it because honestly I’m too old for this bullshit so don’t waste my time. 

We don’t need these situationships. How about a god damn relationship?! 

 We live in a world today where tinder is what we use to find a date because god forbid we met someone in the real world and actually talked to them. We hide behind our phone screens in hope of actually finding a guy who gives two shits about us or because we need some sort of validation. I’ll admit I have used tinder and all it ever turned into was a big ball of shit. Because people aren’t genuine… 

  Well a few are. And they are far and in between. 

 We live in a time where we use our read receipt on our iPhone as a weapon to let someone know exactly how we feel without using any words at all. We keep all our emotions in because if we Divulge too much we might come across too needy or crazy and might scare the guy away. That is my biggest pet peeve. Be yourself girls, if he doesn’t like you then he’s not the one you should be with anyways. 

Never allow someone to be your priority when allowing yourself to be their option. 

  We don’t want a fuck boy. So stop being Fuck boys! Because usually you all are and I don’t know what it is that makes you this way. Is vagina really that important to you? More then actually getting to know someone and having a girl that is down to do whatever with you and for you? I get it once in awhile we all need that booty call, but don’t you dare get a girl invested in you when that’s all you want. That’s fucked up therefore giving you the title of Fuck boy. We shouldn’t have to try extra hard to get your attention, it should be 50/50 not any other way. Us girls should be treated the way we treat you, and holy shit we treat you so damn good. 

If the feelings are mutual the effort will be equal. 

Also another thing with dating is that if you like a girl for gold almighty take her out. Take her on a date, take her anywhere. It’s not that hard to make someone feel cared for or to feel special. Stop inviting her out to drink at bars with you and your friends. Make her feel important like she’s the only girl in the room. Take time out of your busy schedule and take time away from your tool head bros to show her you actually care and know how to prioritize your shit. So ladies if a guy tells you he likes you but doesn’t spend time with you and picks his friends all the time over you, I think it’s safe to say he just wants to hook up with you on his terms and that shit is fucked up and it’s time you come to terms with it, because the longer you keep yourself in this cycle with him the harder it will be to let go.  Surround yourself with your girlfriends and live your life stop worrying about boys. 

Because girlfriends are really the love of our lives. 

Stop thinking you can change every guy or make them be with you. Because the truth is they’re not going to change if they don’t want too and if they want to be with you they will. As hard as that is to hear stop picking the wrong guys and start being available for the right ones. Because while you were wasting all that time with a potential idiot in the end he was just like the rest and he disappointed you. When the guy you really should have been with, who would have treated you right you pushed him to the side lines. Know how to pick them, listen to your mother, and listen to your girlfriends. If everyone has a weird feeling about this dude you’ve been spending time with then most likely he’s sending out some negative vibes and you can’t see it because you don’t want too.  

The universe is smarter then you think. 

Millenials I am so sick of this phrase and if you have any sense of dignity so are you, “were talking,” what the fuck does that even mean. Does that mean we’re casually dating? Can I hook up with other people? What are the limitations? And do I kiss you in public? See no one gets it.  I mean god damn if I like you you better believe at some point you’re going to be my boyfriend. I’m not going to kiss you, spend my time on you and show you my heart for no reason. If we’re “talking,” then we’re dating and you’re my guy and if that doesn’t sound good to you  then I’m not the girl for you. We should be with guys that are going to drop whatever it is they’re doing to spend a little more time with us just to make us happy. We want someone that will care for us, and know that we are definitely crazy but roll with it. We need men not boys. So if you can’t step up when it comes to commitment you are not the guy for us. Say it with me girls…

We are strong, independent women.

So act like it. 

I’d like to say I’m so not that girl the girl that is so easily swayed by bullshit but I can’t help it. My downfall is seeing the good in everyone and giving people way too many chances they don’t deserve. But I find myself over and over again picking the wrong guys who give me so many red flags, that’s you’re time to exit. Because I guarantee there is someone out there that will make you feel 10 times better and honestly treat you the way you’re suppose to be treated. My biggest thing is, don’t settle. You know what you want, and you know deep down what you don’t want. 

So, if you leave with nothing else leave with this;

Stop letting social media run your dating life. Go out take some risks, meet people in the real world and I dont know , keep it a secret for awhile. Life is easier when it’s a mystery. 


P.s. Go listen to demi lovato’s new song if you need some fuck you music ladies. It’s called sorry not sorry 😏

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