The window guy 

PSA: my blogs are in no specific order therefore the events that happen may be from 3 years ago or months ago for those of you who have just started reading. 

So, this story may come off like I’m a 45 year old milf, divorcè but I can totally guarantee I’m just a girl in her early twenties having maybe a quarter life crisis, totally normal. 

Is dating suppose to be like stepping in 10 ant piles until the ants actually don’t bother you anymore, until you’re like immuned to bullshit. Because as of now my dating life has consisted of a sociopathic ex, a Cuban, a couple Fuck boys, and a sensitive sally. 

I had been talking to this guy who I mentioned in the last blog, who I thought I would date but if you read the previous blog, we all know how that one ended. I had some pretty shitty people in my life at this time as well, a shitty guy, shitty friends, all around shit, if you didn’t get the emphasis of shitty I hope you do now. I needed something to get my mind off things and even my own mom told me I needed to get away. So Momma dearest booked me and my sister a staycation to stop my inevitable nervous breakdown. 

At the same time, we were also getting hurricane proof shutters on our new house and well I thought it would be the perfect time to get myself into a sticky situation. Clearly I have never heard of the phrase, “ take a chill pill.” There was younger guys working on the windows and one of them was super cute. And I mean he also was sweaty, greasy, and lifting heavy machinery so that might have helped with the cuteness. My sister took it upon herself to help me get out of the funk I was in and gave the guy my phone number and told him we would be in Fort Lauderdale for the night and he should meet us down there with some friends. 

Fast forward, me and the sis we’re having the time of our lives, drinking margaritas, dancing to music forgetting about my problems, swinging on swings behind the bar (yes that happened.) Then that’s when window guy showed up. He was honestly the most kindest individual I had ever met. The best manners, he was a gentlemen everything about him. I wasn’t looking for anything serious but as time went on I think he was. 

I was a little intoxicated and that’s when it happened. And by “it” I mean he turned me around and laid one on me. And it was kinda romantic for a drunk make out sesh. I went back to my hotel and I actually felt better about my life at the moment. I guess kissing another guy actually makes you forget for a little while what’s  actually going on in your life. When I got back home  the next day and back into the groove of things it dawned on me I would actually have to see this kid again since he was the one working on the windows and boy he had a crush on me. This was the sticky situation I had gotten myself into and it was about to get sticker no pun intended. 

I’m what they call a lingerer, that means I stay way too long in a relationship or whatever you want to call it when I shouldn’t be. I stay around for longer then the appropriate time because either I’m too nice or I get too comfortable. So I continued to text him and see him almost everyday at my house and I thought to myself he is a nice guy I should give him a chance because I never give the nice guys a chance. 

So that’s what I did even though every bone in my body was telling me this was not the guy for me. We went on date, and he made it a point to really get to know me and listen to every word that came out of my mouth and that was attractive or so that’s what the wine thought. We ended up going back to his house and I did have 4 glasses of wine at dinner to be comfortable but the truth was I just wasn’t. I don’t think he was my type and I was totally forcing it. 

I woke up the next day, rolled over and chugged a bottle of water because I had a wicked wine hangover. And I thought to myself please let lasntight be a dream. Did I really hook up with window guy. 


I got out of bed and almost fell on the floor because there he was window guy. They were working on the windows Bright and early. Every awkward moment in my life, nothing compared to this. HOLY SHIT, Ali why oh why. I turned back around and crawled in my bed and quietly died. 

 A week went by and I could tell he really liked me and I did not feel the same way. I could also tell I did not want a relationship at all and I had to tell this guy something before his feelings kept getting stronger and so I did and I felt awful. I felt like a Fuck boy and that is a feeling I don’t ever  want to have because hurting peoples feelings and leading them on isn’t the best feeling to have but at the end of the day I did do the right thing by ending whatever you want to call this situation. I’ll call it a not thinking straight fling. 

But all was good in the world again, my shitty friends didn’t bother me anymore that shitty guy from before was out of my head and life was moving in the right direction…. all I had to now was keep on the straight and narrow but that soon too would have a clear fatal end when a couple months later Fuck boy two thousand eight hundred and seventy nine walked into my life quickly taking my nice little world and turning it upside down. 

But he’s an idiot and wasn’t interesting or important enough for a blog story all about him. So I digress,

Three things to take away from this story:

  1. Don’t be a lingerer, when you know something isn’t right for you get out of that situation. In the long run it’s better for you. 
  2. Getting your mind off things whether it be with boys or staycations is fine but at the end of the day deal with your problems, don’t let your problems take a back seat. 
  3.  If you’re friends are shitty get new ones. 


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