Dear Dylan

I have been inspired guys. If you haven’t already seen the movie or read the book, “To All The Boys I’ve loved before,” you should watch it to understand what I am going to be doing here for the next couple of weeks. This is my segment, where I will be writing to all the boys I loved before to not only promote the movie but so I can tell the world awkwardly about all the boys I’ve loved. I know you missed my dry humor and all around boss bitch approach to talking shit about boys. But for the next couple of weeks I will be digging far far far down in my soul to remember what I loved about these little sons of bitches. So here we go, starting in no specific order and changing names to protect my dignity, without further adieu,

Dear Dylan,

I remember the day I met you. Your tall, lanky body, being the goofball I would learn you to be. Your brown long surfer hair swaying in the cold winter wind. You were too cool for me then, barely speaking any words to me and hanging out with your guy friends. I didn’t know it yet but I would love you so hard and so fast that it would go away too soon unfortunately.  I watched you, the way you carried yourself, they way you kept to yourself and were so much smarter then the rest of the people you chose to spend your time with. Your opinions and witty humor mesmerized me. I wanted to know you more and on another level instead of being friends. As the weeks went on I was starting to regret the fact I met your friend instead of you. I would be going out with your friend wishing I could be laughing with you about whatever stupid thing we were joking about, or playing darts in your living room. You really caught my eye and I couldn’t remember the last time I had this feeling for someone. Months went by and our group of friends became closer and me and your friend didn’t work out mostly because he was just trying to have sex with me and I wanted something more, something like you. I remember the day I felt a change in you. Instead of just joking and laughing, we would joke and laugh and your arm would be around me. Instead of there just being dart playing, there was dart playing and casual flirting, and arm touching. I remember the night when you first kissed me, it finally happened I thought, the boy I liked for so long, felt the same way back. You kissed me at a concert at our college. You spun me around and kissed me so hard, the world stopped. Everything made sense now, I needed you as much as you needed me. Weeks went by and our romance was a secret afraid of what our friend group might think, specifically hes friend whom I dated casually in the past. I was head over heels for this boy and keeping it a secret was weighing on me until one night I was drunk enough to shout to the world, that we were together and if anyone had a problem with it to get over themselves. Seconds later we were embraced with excitement and hugs because everyone loved us together as much as we did. The night you asked me to be your girlfriend, was the night my life changed. You made me better, you showed me all boys weren’t awful. You held my face and told me all the things you loved about me and as the fireworks went off in the background to the song, “love me like you do,” by Ellie Goulding, you asked me to be your girlfriend. Of course I said yes, and that was one of the best days of my life, I thank you for that. I thank you for loving me so hard and treating me so well, I found out what love was suppose to be like. I thank you for our beach days, swimming around in the Florida sun. I thank you for always being there when my life was falling apart. I thank you for making me laugh so hard I peed my pants, wait I do not thank you for that. I thank you for loving wine and cheese just as much as me and our nights together after work trying a new bottle of wine and pretending to be wine connoisseurs. You brought me to life, you made me see clearly in ways I couldn’t  see before. Every day with you was a treat full of laughter and romance. Falling in love with you was easy. Our romance was like a burning flame, passionate, fiery and over too fast. I remember loving you and oh what a time to be alive.

Yours truly, Ali





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