Let’s get spooky and possibly fall in love 👻

We are going to take a break in the regular scheduled programming this week in honor of Halloween! Who doesn’t love spooky shit, I mean I love pumpkins, witches, black cats and graveyards and why not tie all of that together with a little bit of love.

I am here to give you four fun things to do with your significant other or just someone you want to take on a date during this spooky month. And because it’s October why not make your dates center around all things Halloween. I mean in this day and age you have to start getting creative and thinking outside the box because if one more guy asks me to Netflix and chill or go to happy hour I’m going to stay in my room for 52 years.

Yes, that was dramatic.

But my point is, if you’re going to take someone on a date, do something different, something unique. And if it doesn’t work out, it will be a really cool story one day and something you can look back on and be like yeah it didn’t work out but we had so much fun. So drum roll please for idea number one…

Take her/him to a haunted house

Okay, so this idea is my favorite one. I love being spooked, like it is so much fun for me. Wherever you live there is always something festive going on for Halloween. I live in Florida so there is fright nights, Halloween horror nights, and I’m sure there’s a million other places all over the state that have something like this. If someone took me on a date to one of these spots, I guarantee you you’re getting a second date. Have you seen any romantic movies ever? They all go to fairs… this time we’re just adding some spook to it. This makes it easier for you to grab someone’s hand or body to comfort them. And if this was me being taken on this very date, you’re definitely getting a goodnight kiss for thinking outside the box. I’m also just going to mention hayrides are CUTE AF. I know there are places that still do that and even corn fields. Oh man, have you ever made out in a corn field maze… I can tell you from experience it’s steamy. But either way, any of these would be perfect for a first date or something to do with your significant other, or even a group date!

Carve pumpkins 🎃

I know first thought, carving pumpkins for a date doesn’t sound cute. But just add some wine, and some music and you’re set. This is the perfect way to get to know each other, you can chat while giggling about how the heck you even carve a pumpkin anyways. If you could tell, I’m not that great at carving the ole pumpkin. I actually did this with a guy once and it was really funny and an easy way to ease into getting to know someone. Carving a pumpkin takes the awkwardness away I’m telling you, and you have a cool pumpkin to take home and some fun memories.

Bonfires 🔥

The beginning of fall means the beginning of bon fires. And oh I love me some bon fires. They just scream, ” come cuddle with me.” Imagine the fire, the people around you, an iced cold beer or for the non alcoholics maybe some hot chocolate and that special someone right next to you all cuddled up… makes me wish it actually went below 50 degrees in Florida and stayed that way for longer then a day. Anyways, this is a perfect date and a great way for that special someone to meet your friends!

Scary movie night 🍿

My all time favorite scary movies to binge are all the Scream movies. And having someone next to me whom I like makes it all the better. Scary movie nights are the best dates, I wouldn’t say the best first date but definitely the 3rd or fourth because at this moment in time you probably have figured out if you wanted to sleep with this person or not. And scary movie cuddle sesh marathons are the deal breaker.

So, there you go my friends, some ideas for a date, or something to do with your significant other or just a way to hit that home run.

Next Tuesday is the story you have all been waiting for so stay tuned!

Advice of the week:

Honestly, make the first move, kiss the damn fool. What’s the worst thing that can happen other than herpes or mono, but don’t worry about that👍🏼


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