I think I have a type

I know as readers you want that happy ending for the main character. And me being the main character I’m trying! I know you all thought that 23 and me were going to have that, but as the universe would have it, WE ARE JUST FRIENDS, which is technically a happy ending in the friend department. This is just one narrative that is not going to happen and it is very much for the best we are better off as friends anyways trust me.

But as the universe would also have it, I was about to get myself into a very interesting situation, and it has to do with a certain someone’s best friend.

And before you get all judgey and call me a hypocrite or slut shame me because I’ve been talking this whole time how much I like 23, first off shut up because that would be rude and second at the end of the day I really didn’t like 23 as much as I thought and I realized my quarter life crisis before anything else weird happened. And he was sort of pushing me into the direction of hooking up with his friend, so see all is good in the world.

And if I’m being really honest when I think of kissing 23 now I think I would be kissing my brother and that kind of makes me nauseated.

So everyone calm down…

I mean if we’re being realistic if I had a type his friend was it. I do have this weird attraction to Cubans and even before I find out they’re Cuban. And I’m stunned every time.

A little background on let’s call him, College Boy…

He was home for summer break from FSU and yes, I guess I am also admitting I, 80 percent of the time go for younger guys, it’s a curse. But he was h to the o to the t.

I remember meeting him out one night, and having really good conversation and the next thing I know I’m really drunk and did one of my disappearing acts and left to hook up with band boy, and I honestly didn’t think I’d see college boy again.

Well, let’s say I ended up seeing a lot more of college boy then I thought I would be seeing.

Weeks later I had this overwhelming urge to see College Boy and the only way to get to him was through 23. So, I did what any calm, rational girl would do in times of crisis. I walked directly up to 23 and said, hey I wanna make out with your friend, make it happen.”

Shortly after that conversation a happy hour was set for a group of us to get together. And I had to wake up early because I had a flight to catch so this wasn’t suppose to be a crazy night and too be honest I kind of lost interest in wanting to make out with College Boy.

But, tequila she comes for us all in a very apocalyptic way.

Before I knew it I was 7 tequila drinks in on what happened to be national tequila day. And I knew the decisions I was about to make were not going to be in my best interest so luckily I technically did not make them my two girlfriends I was with did.

And these two girls deserve wing women of the year. I don’t know exactly what they said to college boy but before I knew it I was in his car on our way to the next bar.

And the crazy thing about this was I had to wake up at 4 am for a flight and it had to have been 11:30 at this point and the OCD inside of me was going to rip my hair out.

I barely knew this kid, yet I was in his car just me and him and that’s when we hit a red light. And before I knew it he told me he really wanted to kiss me and that’s what he did.

He grabbed my face and laid one hell of a kiss on me. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening but I was definitely okay with it.

I’m telling you there is something about Cubans

After making out like high schoolers in his car, we met up with our friends and I knew I was going to have a hard time on this plane in a couple of hours.

We partied a little bit longer and were all over each other. I love drunk flirting, you could just meet someone and be so comfortable around them like you’ve known them forever and that’s what it looked like after a million tequila shots later.

Drunk Ali was like we should get out of here and he grabbed my hand and we walked back to his car and the next destination was his house, scandalous I know.

It was now 1 in the morning and my decision making was very much not working.

He took my hand and walked me upstairs, and there I was in his bed. This night went from 0 to 100 real quick. If you’ve never hooked up with a Cuban you really should try it out because my writing won’t give it justice.

All I can say is the passion could light up a hot air balloon and fly that thing.

After that whole situation, I looked at my phone and it was now later than 2 am. I looked at him with panic in my eyes and I was like you need to get me to my house right now I have to be on a plane in two hours and I haven’t even packed.

You’ll never know how crazy you are until you pack a whole suitcase blacked out and don’t forget a single thing.

If you’re wondering if I made my flight, oh I did completely hammered in fact, and looked like a zombie and tried the whole time not to puke on the plane.

And boy all I wanted to do was puke but I couldn’t be that passenger.

Me and College boy hung out a few more times and I was a little bit smitten, he really was a good time, low key really funny and we both liked the same tv shows. And if you know me one of the ways to my heart is my tv shows. I liked hanging out with him but I had to remind myself he was leaving and to not get too attached. This whole “hookup culture,” really is annoying.

All good things have to come to an end and he had to go back to school and what a bummer that was. Maybe I’ll see him again, who knows but if you’re reading this making out with your face was fun, let’s do it again sometime.

 Meanwhile, I was back on the dating scene and boy I forgot making causal conversation is quite awful, and going on dates is like torture. But I was ready to do this thing. After taking the longest break from the dating game, three years in fact I was ready to jump back in. I had a lot of relationships that went really wrong and this break was healthy for me. I grew up a lot in the past three years I became this unstoppable women that was confident, strong and really fucking happy. I stopped letting boys define me and that’s when everything changed.

But it’s time I open up those solid steel doors and let someone in because I can’t keep wasting my time with red flagers and I can’t keep hooking up with fuck boys that are never going to give me what I actually want. And I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud but….

Shit, I think I’m ready for a relationship.

I just got a pukey feeling.

Stay tuned next week!

Advice of the week: never apologize for being you, you are the sunshine and you are amazing.



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