Found myself in an iconic love triangle

So here I am in a very messy love triangle, which was totally not suppose to happen. I was just suppose to go on one date with new older guy to get my mind off Jupiter boy but what followed was something I really didn’t see coming. Never in my life did I like two guys so much at the same time and have to make a hard decision. Do I go with Jupiter boy who may or may not give me what I actually want or hot older guy who has all the right things I need. But I guess I have to introduce you to the one and only, let’s call him drumroll please….

Mr. Right

Let’s dive on in to this back story real quick. So, I was out and about with my sister on one of our happy hour excursions in West Palm Beach, Florida. The evening turned into night and we decided we wanted to head to another bar. We walked past a new bar that had just opened up called, “lost weekends,” and the door guy was HOT, god aren’t they always.

But anywho, before deciding we actually wanted to go in we walked back and fourth a few times to make up our mind and that’s when Mr. right had to say something.

“Are you guys going to keep waking in circles or did you want to come in?” We then got into some witty banter and I was very much in love by first sight. He was so funny, and could keep up with my sarcastic Wit and say something 10 times funnier back. He had an amazing beard, and was just fucking hot.

He bought my drinks that night, we chatted the whole time and then we exchanged numbers. Did I feel bad about this, yes I did. Because at the end of the day I felt like I was being sneaky behind Jupiter boys back. But I had to remind myself he didn’t want any labels and who am I to wait around when clearly there is someone better right around the corner.

I wanted to make out with Mr. right BAD, and when an idea comes into my head it’s usually very hard for me to forget about it.

We texted over the next couple of days and he asked if he could take me to dinner. I mean maybe this date was exactly what I needed to help me get over Jupiter boy so that’s what I did. And it was one of the best dates I had been on in a long time. He just had me laughing literally the whole time and we had so much in common. He loved that I geeked out hard over superhero’s he thought it was the cutest thing in the world.

Fast forward to Christmas but he bought me a supergirl t-shirt to wear to the gym so I could feel like a superhero.

Gentlemen, it’s the little things.

The only thing that made me think twice was that he was 11 years older than me.

But hey maybe older is what I needed, I needed someone mature and someone who knew what they wanted and wasn’t afraid to go get it.

As dinner wrapped up, he walked me to my car and I started getting a little nervous because I had a feeling he was going to kiss me but I didn’t know for sure. As I turned to open my car door, he grabbed my hand and said, “I really want to kiss you right now.” And I said,

Well, then do it.”

God who am I, some sexy sex machine lady with the one liners… anyways back to the show….

He grabbed my face and pushed me up against my car and kissed me. He moved his hand down towards my neck and not in like a choking way but like a gentle touch way and it was like super hot and steamy and a part of me was like damn he’s kissing me like the damn woman I am and it was great. Definitely top 5 kisses right there, 100 percent.

Please someone try and top this man, I double dog dare you.

We spent a lot of time together after that, I would go to his work a lot or to his house. The first time we ever slept together…. all I have to say is DAMN. Older men are where it’s at ladies. He was what they call a, “daddy.”

He even took me to his company holiday party in Miami and I felt like a princess at a ball. I was in a gown and he was in a suit and it kind of just felt right.

Like this was everything I wanted, a mature, adult relationship. But apart of me still had Jupiter boy in my head.

Stupid Ali about to go ruin a good thing because her heart is all kinds of backwards.

As time went on, I was seeing both of these guys at the same time but I was honest with Mr. right and I think because he was older he understood. But I also knew I couldn’t keep dating both of these guys and I had to pick one.

And when I say dating y’all I don’t mean I was cheating on anyone I was open and honest about what was going on and there were no labels but I think Mr. right was aiming for that label and I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

So, don’t be all judgey mcjudgester over there.

One night I would be on a date in Jupiter and another night I’d be in delray with Mr. right, it was getting exhausting.

So I did the only thing that sounded reasonable at the time and made a pro and cons list for each with all the appropriate listings.

1. Who I could see a future with (job security)

2. Who I had more in common with

3. Who was better in bed. (Mr. right)

4. Who my parents would like more

5.Who down to my core could I not see myself being without.

I thought long and hard and I think I did the most adult like thing I’d ever done in my life, and honestly this is a plot twist I think you won’t even believe.

I chose ME.

Each guy had red flags, and I knew at the end of the day both weren’t right for me. And even though it hurt me to finally step away from Jupiter boy more than Mr. right it had to happen.

I think Mr. right understood and he left me alone but after 2 months Jupiter boy was calling me left and right and wanting me back and he proceeded to do this for awhile. But all I needed was space to actually see what was the best thing for me and it worked.

Present day:

My insides are screaming to say something but nothing comes out. I am this girl that has no filter but when it comes to you, I hold everything in until I explode so maybe it’s not the tequila that makes me crazy y’all, maybe it’s all my misplaced emotions or the fact I have so much to say and I’m afraid saying it might be the wrong thing. But when you care about someone you tell them even though you think it may not be the right move or the right thing to do. Even if you think by saying anything it will turn your life upside down, sometimes you just got to scream from the rooftops how you feel and go from there.

Stay tuned for something special!

Advice of the week: if you drink 3 bottles of red wine you will sleep with anyone.


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