What the f is up guys? I feel like it’s been too long. The holidays gave me like a hard case of narcolepsy. Like there was so much family, so many presents, too many friends in town and for the love of god TOO MUCH WINE.

There is a reason this is once a year, sis is tired. But it’s the new year and I am back! Can you believe it’s 2020 I sure cannot. I mean just yesterday I was in high school and now I’m almost 30.

It’s fine.

I’m sure you have all made your resolutions for this year and most of them are probably working out more, 57 percent of you probably did that one. Mine were vacation more, buy a house and possibly give my cat a sibling. Whatever yours may be, live your best life this year with no regrets.

Today’s blog I think is long overdue. We’re going to be talking about soulmates. And not just finding the right guy but about friendship and the right kind of people you should have in your life. The people that cheer you on, have your back, light your soul up and the ones that are genuinely there for you. The kind of friendships that make you fall in love with life everyday.

Here are the five traits below that your soulmate should have whether it be your boyfriend, bestfriend, husband or family.

1. The ride or dies

These are the ones that always have your back even when you’re about to jump head first into something stupid, they are going to be doing it with you. When you’re scared, they are there to push you to be brave. So, thank you Macie and Jenny for always being ready to protect my honor, the ones who will tell anyone off even if they have no idea what just happened. The one’s who text all the boys that are mean to me and will get in a fight even though we both know they couldn’t fight even if they tried, it’s the thought that counts though.

These are the kind of people you need in your life whether it’s your best friend, the love of your life or someone in your corner.

2. The honest ones

This trait or person is important. They are the ones that will tell you like it is even if it will hurt your feelings, even if it’s something you don’t want to hear, even when you’re wrong they will let you know and see both sides of a situation. Sometimes you will hate them for this, but an honest person is a person that cares most about you, and have your best interests in mind. They can see when you’re not thinking clearly and are there to be the rational thinker for you. So, thank you Daniella for always telling me like it is because you know the truth will save me at the end of the day rather than all the lies and miscommunication.

Someone who is 100 percent completely honest with you is someone that wants to see you win and will help you get there even if they got to slap the stupid out of you first.

3. Your biggest supporters

You know the kind of person that sees you doing something that could be so small but it makes you so happy and they are proud of you for that? The ones that notice your small wins, they cheer you on and are genuinely happy for you? These are the ones that you high key need in your life. We all love when someone is proud of us or notice how far we have come. The ones that lift us up when we feel discouraged. The ones that can see our talents before we can even see them. The ones that make us happy to our core every time we see them. Our biggest supporters have genuine love for us, and sometimes when you don’t love yourself or hate the world, they are there to bring us back up from the darkness around us. I can’t name all my friends in this one but literally all of you are always team Ali, my rocks, when I’m down everyone’s go to line is

You are Ali Freaking Baker

And somehow that always makes me feel better, so, thank you fam.

4. The positive ones

The light in the dark the ones that can see something good in such a bad situation, always has the pro to the con. Keep these people around because we always need a little light in the dark. And excuse me for reaching but I think we were meant to meet these people, that whatever god you believe in put these people here for a reason whether it’s for the long term or short. They are a little bit of a guardian angel and they can see when we are in the thick of it before we even realize how upset we are. They are their to listen and give you advice and be the hug you need that day when you’re down. So, thank you Claudia for always being that positive light in my life.

5. Unconditional love

The ones that see you for who you are and love all the parts of you even the ones that aren’t easy. You can be yourself completely around these people and they love you for that. The kind of love that is infectious whether it be your girlfriends or the love of your life. These are the people you wake up and can’t wait to talk to because talking them eases your soul. They get you and you get them and you don’t have to try it all just comes naturally. It’s a special moment when you meet people like this because they are the ones you should try and keep forever. So thank you Michaela, kiera, Leah for seeing me right to my core and loving me for all my dysfunction, you’ve accepted me for everything I am and would never let me be anything but my beautiful, flawed self and that’s how you know you’ve met your people.

With that being said, if any of these traits are in the love of your life you’ve found a good one and if you have any of these kind of friends keep them around because soulmates aren’t just the person you marry. They are your family, friends, people you know for your whole life or for a few days. Soulmates can be anyone at any time. And if you’re lucky you’ll get more then one.

I mean the dictionary literally defines soulmate as a person or persons’ ideally suited to another as a close friend or love interest.

Bumping into someone that can spark your soul now that’s rare and that’s something you should hold onto.

Stay tuned next week!

Advice of the week: don’t be so hard on the people that you love just because you feel so highly of them. Some people just don’t feel the same way and will think you’re attacking them when in reality you just care.


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