The perfect man real or fiction?

For me writing always comes out really good when I’m fueled by some kind of an emotion. Whether that be anger, which we have definitely seen, or happiness and sometimes even love. And this week I had this crazy idea to talk about some of the moments in my life which really affected me in a good way to see the kind of partner I would want in my life one day, by taking from the experiences I have had.

I mean I’ve had many boyfriends, many hook ups, lots of weird situations but there’s a few where you stop and think even if it didn’t work out, this person made my night or gave me this memory or fueled my soul and lit it on fire.

Sometimes it’s about those midnight chats that last for hours, those spontaneous dates, or maybe even giving someone a chance that really let you look back on your life and you’re like, “wow, thank you for giving me that memory and the idea of the man I should have in my life one day.

With that being said, there are three events that have stood out to me over the years that to this day I haven’t been able to forget.

Let’s start out with Valentine’s Day!

First period gym class. There I was, all excited, young had no idea what my day was going to consist of. I did have a boyfriend who was older then me and he was a romantic to say the least. I sat down on the yellow, dirty bleachers that squeaked with every move. And I noticed in the middle of the gymnasium that there was roses, a huge bear, candy, honestly you name it and it was sitting there for hundreds of kids to see.

Everyone was clearly very confused but I didn’t pay much mind to it. The coaches took roll and I was gossiping with my girlfriends and the head coach got on the microphone and ordered complete silence.

What the hell was going on?

It was then, she went into a very long story about how much this boy loved this girl and how much she meant to him. Honestly sounded like a fucking fairy tale.

And she ended it with, ” he really just wanted you to have the perfect Valentines Day, Ali.”

Everyone gasped, and stared at me. Honestly it took me a second to realize what was going on until my friend poked me. I covered my face, and stood up all nervous…

I was a shy gal back then.

The coaches started giving me all these presents and all eyes were on me. I felt like the only girl in the world that mattered. And he did that for me and it was one of the best days of my life. And no one has ever topped it since.

He met me after school and walked me to my car and kissed me and honestly for my 14 year old self my life was made.


I don’t fall in love often, or usually at all. But this guy right here had me at the fireworks. Even though we didn’t work out, he had the best proposals of all time asking me to be his girlfriend. I don’t get surprised and holy hell this guy swept me off my feet.

It was my favorite time of the year, sunfest. A time where us Floridians coordinate outfits and get drunk on the barges more then listening to music. This year though was my favorite because every single person I loved was there, every single one my best friends in the same place. It was amazing and magical all at the same time.

The drinks were obviously flowing and I had been seeing this guy for a few months now, unofficially. So I knew the question had to be coming at some point. It was nearing the end of the night and Ellie Goulding was performing her hit of the year, “love me like you do,” and that was when the fireworks went off over the intercoastal.

All my friends there together staring up at the sky and his arms are around me and all of sudden he turns me around to face him as the fireworks are going off in the back ground.

He grabs my face and puts my hair behind my ear so he can see my eyes, he always loved looking into my eyes. In that moment, he told me everything he loved about me, all my quirks, even how I am oblivious to everything and it’s cute.

And even then I was oblivious, not knowing what was coming…

“You gotta be my girlfriend, because you really do put these fireworks in my life.”

You had me at a pun, sir.

I hadn’t in a long time, hear a guy really talk to me like that. It was a fairy tale and it was mine that I get to cherish as a memory for my whole life.

And in that moment I grabbed him, kissed him and the rest is history.

A friendly encounter

What wasn’t suppose to be a date, slowly I think turned into one by accident. I met my friend as his house and we drove my car to a bar to get some food and drinks, because happy hour is the best hour. This wasn’t our first time hanging out but this night felt different but I was just going with the flow.

We ordered so much food, we had the same taste in literally all food and alcohol so it was easy to share. He even knew what kind of drinks I would like because he just knew me pretty well, I’d like to think. I would say after a few doubles I was feeling a little tipsy and the conversation was becoming more engaging and we kind of were just getting lost in each other’s eyes.

But also drunk Ali, was thinking what it would be like to put my lips on his lips but that was aggressive and I needed to toss another filet in my mouth to quench the thirst.

His friends ended up showing up, a little later. He paid the bill and we all decided to go out on the town.

I was having such a good time and really vibing with everyone. We bar hopped a little and it had to be about 12:30 in the morning when we both looked at each other and knew we were both done. We got to my car and I don’t know how but we both had the idea to get a late night snack but our minds thought alike a lot.

We went to a local late night diner. And sat at the bar and ordered way too much food and laughed and talked about our problems. I thought I knew my friend but I met a whole different side of him that night.

The side I didn’t think he wanted people to see too often, he was vulnerable and we really vented to each other that night. And it was a mutual understanding that we just got each other. The night ended with pie and at this moment I felt like I was on a episode on Riverdale, should have gotten a milkshake too.

There is something about talking about absolutely nothing with someone that means something and sharing pie.

He drove back to his house, and I was kind of bummed the night was over. There was that awkward car thing, where you don’t know if you want to kiss or if you should and you both kind of just stare and for a split second I think he was about to go in. But I got an actual phone call in that moment and honestly I’m glad our night wasn’t ruined by some kiss.

Because it was everything I needed without that.

And these are the kind of moments I mean. Cherish these moments people! Even if they don’t work out, or it’s a just a friend in a diner eating pie or a stranger on the street. These are what shape us, teach us, show us what we need in life. Don’t ever settle for less! Is the perfect man real? No, I don’t think so but if you get lucky you’ll get a little bit of perfect in every person you meet.

Stay Tuned Next week!

Advice of the week: don’t let them take away your sparkle 🌟


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